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Photo Tour in June

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Photo Tour in June

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Shreya Sen

3 exciting days of knowledge sharing sessions! The last day marked a befitting end to the great symposium organized by India Kliks in association with Canon and Adobe. Thanks for organizing such a wonderful event. Really appreciate all the hard work put in by Mr. Kirat Sodhi (Chairman, India Kliks), Jasminder Oberoi, Mr. Pankaj Anand and Mr. Saurabh Tand not to forget the volunteers without whose efforts this would not have been a success. It is indeed a wonderful platform and the learning experience in these last 3 days was great. The selection of mentors across different genres was brilliant and actually helped to make it more beneficial for the participants. Thanks to all the mentors for taking time out and for sharing their knowledge and experiences with us. And, also, thanks to the wonderful participants for sharing their works, stories and also, for having great interactive sessions.

Ankit Sharma, Participants India Kliks

Vinay Balla

That was 3 days of inspiring lectures, showcase of mind blowing works, fun with a photo walk, all these by world class mentors at one place is just a Jackpot for us. I Thank all the great mentors for their sincere sharing of knowledge, experiences and journeys for all these years. It was truly a blessing to meet u all at one place. My sincere Thanks to the most humble person i have met, Chairman India Kliks Mr Kirat Sodhi for initiating such a strong platform and for all his efforts in making this event a grand success. Not to forget, Mr Jassi Oberoi, Mr Pankaj Anand, Mr Saurabh Tuteja for their great contributions till the end. Secondly, I would like to Thank all the volunteers who really helped each one of the participant during the entire event. Lastly, I also would to Thank all the wonderful participants for their good friendship and time in sharing their inspiring journeys in Photography. Hope to stay connected with u all. I wish Team India Kliks a very very great future ahead. There is no other photography platform comparable to this.

Vinay Swaroop Balla, Participants India Kliks


Thanks a lot India Kliks, Light chasers, Canon India for conducting such a wonderful symposium. 

I really thank all the great mentors who shared their wonderful knowledge and experience. Really learnt a lot. 

Rajneesh Panwar, Participants India Kliks


I joined the group for a photography tour in Kanha, which proved to be both useful and fun. The balance between theory and practice was good, and both teachers were always present there for us. What's more, the good humour was all-pervading and infectious, and I really appreciated the fact that both Jassi and Sudhir went to great extents to satisfy my whim to see a tiger :-) Thank you guys, I will come back for more (both tigers and workshops).

Suganya Anandakichenin, Participants Wild Escapes 2014


Many thanks for the amazing photo tour.It was not just a add-on to my attempt to get a hang of photography, it was also high on intangibles in the form of sense of togetherness and belonging I could feel because of the holistic approach which is inbuilt in your group light chasers.

It was heartening to experience the patience shown by both the mentors in imparting knowledge to a novice like me.

Looking forwards to many more such fun filled trips high on learning too.

Dr. Poonam Singh, Participants Wild Escapes 2014

Avinash Khemka

This tour was fabulous. I enjoyed it thoroughly and learnt a lot about photography. I look forward to participating in your forthcoming tours.

Avinash Khemka, Cuttack

Anjali Haridass

I had a wonderful trip to Pushkar with Light Chasers. Both Jassi Oberai and Subir Basak are amazing teachers - no holding back! Characteristics to be admired!!! They were always attentive to each participants needs. It was great seeing Pushkar through their eyes (partly) - a real 'eye opener'... :) !! Cheers to many more trips with you guys! Thank you!

Anjali Haridass, Bangalore


I have been in various workshops and photo tours with Jassi and each interaction has been quite knowledge enhancing. Jassi is an ace photographer with in-depth knowledge of the various aspects of photography which is underpinned by his terrific training skills. The workshop conducted on post processing was of immense help – it had something in store for all the participants, be it people who are new to photography to professional photographers too. The content was highly relevant and interactive and kept the participants engaged for all 2 days. The session was not about theoretical fundamentals, but included hands on application for the techniques. I am sure that the session would have helped all the participants in enhancing their skills manifold. 5 Stars to Jassi and Light Chasers for a terrific workshop..

Kapil R. Singh on After the Shot Workshop

Arvind Ladha

It was my first ever tour and I had a great learning experience of all aspects of people photography.

Arvind Lodha, Chennai

Sunayana Sodhani

Glad to be part of this tour where mentors helped participants to understand the technicalities of photography at personal level. Will eagerly wait of future tours with Light Chasers and Canon.

Sunayana Sodhani (Singapore) on Nomadic Ladakh - a photography expedition to Ladakh

Yash Dalvi

Amazing experience at Nomadic Ladakh photo tour in terms of help, interaction and opportunities. It was great to see the comfort of the group and give & take between participants.

Yash Dalvi (Mumbai) on Nomadic Ladakh - a photography expedition to Ladakh

Madhav Swar

The photo tour (Nomadic Ladakh) has helped me greatly in understanding technical aspects of photography and has also helped me in improving my skills. Will look forward to more such tours from Light chasers and Canon..

Madhav Swar (Goa) on Nomadic Ladakh - a photography expedition to Ladakh


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